Friday, February 13, 2009

Types of Intercessors

Our group has found, two things over the years, that have helped us to understand the gift of intercession that we love: 1. the different types of intercessors and 2. the different languages of God. When we learned the different ways God speaks to each of us, and also the different type of intercessor we are - the better we have been able to grow in the gift of intercession, with more confidence. First, let's look at the different types of intercessors.

The best book out there that talks about different types of intercessors is a book by Tommi Femrite- Elizabeth Alves- Karen Kaufman, called " Intercessors". They list 12 different types of intercessors:

1. Issues Intercessors - Standing against injustices. The 'issues' are what make you weep and pound the table!

2. List Intercessors - You find freedom in structure! As soon as you hear a prayer request, you're looking for a pen.

3. Soul Intercessors - God's Midwives - you love to pray for people to choose everlasting life.

4. Personal Intercessors - Spiritual Guardians - You are a personal intercessor who can be trusted with confidential information, in order to pray for another person.

5. Financial Intercessors - Faith for Finances/Funding - You've been anointed by God to summon funds on behalf of others.

6. Mercy Intercessors - The Heart people - you are God's living stethoscopes. You can hear/feel the pain of others and want to extend the mercy of God to the root of that pain.

7. Crisis Intercessors: Paramedics of Prayer - You rush in and out of the throne room with urgent requests on behalf of others - acting as watchman for God's people.
You are the ones He can wake up in the middle of the night to pray for someone you may or may not even know!

8. Warfare Intercessors - The Military Might of the Kingdom - You fight to usher in truth by establishing God's authority in places where the enemy has a 'strong' hold on people, places or situations.

9. Worship Intercessors - Sacred Romancers - You access heaven's power, thru worship and bring hope to the hopeless. You silence the voice of the enemy and release the voice of the Beloved over people and situations.

10. Government Intercessors - Watchmen for Politics and the Church - You are the watchmen who prayerfully uphold the leaders in the church and political arenas where destinies are forged.

11. People- Group and Israel Intercessors - Prayer Shepherds for Ethnic Groups.
God is calling intercessory shepherds to lead the way in prayer for entire people groups. You're heart leaps when you think of certain nations or ethnic groups and you find yourself praying for them to be touched by God as a nation or group.

12. Prophetic Intercessors - Trusted with the Secrets of God - You pray the things on God's heart; then, under His direction you report the words, thoughts, images and actions He releases you to share - at His discretion.

Over the next couple of weeks, I'll go in depth into the different types of intercessors - the strength and the pitfalls.

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  1. hi think I will buy this book you speak of, I don't even know what has spurred me on to research about intercession I for one wouldn't say I pray as much as I should or consider myself an intercessor yet there is something stirring in me and its as if I can't rest until this part of me gets out. I'll keep learning and seeking and praying. One thing for sure every Christian must learn to pray always and how to intercede whether they have the specific gift or call for it. Which I believe every Christian must be an intercessor and emphasis be placed on this, we should be cultured into it just like worship, everybody must be a worshiper, it's not a special gift or ability only for some people.